Pinterest for Business Marketing: 6 things Not to do!


Pinterest is all the rage! If you aren’t using it yet, you should be! Pinterest users are growing just as fast as my TEAM!! Ok, maybe a little faster. On a serious note, using Pinterst to not only market yourself, but also brand yourself, and offer your followers an inside looking to you right through your own eyes! Imagine that! Like a class room full of eager students patiently awaiting your next adventure, complete with photo album…..

So before we get started and then have to back track, lets cover some of the Don’ts. I love to learn by bad example!

Here are the top 6 things NOT to do with your Pinterst account.

What is Pinterest for?

1. Don’t jump in blind, do a little research first!  Find out what Pinterest is capable of and how you can use it to correctly market you and your product. If you need to, refer to my previous post What Is Pinterest and Why Should I Use it as an Internet Marketing Tool?

2. It’s important to remember that Pinterest is a community, not a straight forward marketing tool, so don’t just focus on the “sell”.  Let people get to know you and who you are.  People want to purchase from friends first.  Pinterest is an “invitation only ” community.  It’s true purpose is to share ideas and objects among friends and people with similar interests.  Don’t exploit your community, rather be a participating member of it.  You need to engage, and return value to those you interact with.

Treat Pinterest Like an Personalized Community

3. Don’t be afraid to be friendly and interact by engaging in conversation with customers.  Use Pinterest to get to know your customers and potential customers and finally to branch out and connect with users who have boards similar to your business niche.

4. Setting up your Pin Boards is NOT like hanging pictures in the family room folks.  People use Pinterest daily, much like Facebook and Twitter.  You must train your brain to think dialogue, but in pictures.  Use it for more personal ends, like sharing ideas for your dream home, or next project.  Use it as a way to share your story of your last vacation, or whatever else you dream up!

Explore How it Works for Your Business

5. Don’t expect Pinterest to do more than it’s meant to.  It is not a store, and will not replace your store front and should not be the core of your Social Media Presence.  It can be an effective tool, but not the only piece in your arsenal.

6. Finally, Don’t forget to track it.  As with any other marketing campaign, you need to find out what your community wants, then deliver!  Find out what your people like, buy and re-pin, then shape your  Pinterest activity to best support your business based on what you find!

Happy Pinning!

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